Aquakor’s flooring professionals want Santa Clarita Valley residents to know about the benefits of laminate flooring, and how it’s different from hardwood.

Krikor Akoubian, Aquakor’s owner, discussed the basics of laminate and laminate installation on a recent radio interview on KHTS AM-1220.  

“(Laminate) looks like a hardwood floor,” Akoubian said. “We have different colors, and they’re very affordable and it’s functional.”

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The two main types of laminate flooring are 8 mm and 12 mm. Akoubian recommends low traffic homes with two to three people use 8 mm laminate because of its lower density.

The most popular type of laminate is the 12 mm, which is chosen by about 80 percent of Aquakor customers. This laminate is designed to last longer in high traffic areas because it’s a thicker board.

On average, laminate flooring lasts about 20 to 30 years and is much more scratch- and dent-resistant than hardwood.

“It has (an) aluminum oxide finish,” Akoubian said, “so if you have kids or pets it will be wonderful.”

A person simply walking in high heels can dent hardwood floors, but the higher density of laminate floors makes it more durable and difficult to dent.

Laminate is also typically more affordable than hardwood, making it ideal for homeowners following a strict budget.

In addition, laminate floors can be installed in about half the time as hardwood.

“Hardwood floors you can do 250 to 350 square feet a day,” Akoubian said, comparing it to 500 square feet of laminate flooring a day.. “Laminate, because it’s a clicking system, you go faster.”

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