By Melissa Lampert, KHTS Staff Writer

If you or a loved one are sensitive to chemicals, suffer from asthma or simply lead a chemical-free lifestyle, the Santa Clarita home cleaning company Aquakor can steam-clean your carpets using 100 percent natural hypoallergenic solution.

“Hypoallergenic solutions basically will help people that suffer from asthma and are sensitive to some chemicals,” said Krikor Akoubian of Aquakor. “They’re 100 percent natural, they’re U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved, and these solutions come from natural sources like plants and seeds.”

These all-naturals solutions leave carpets without harmful residues like alkaline or acid that more abrasive cleaning solutions used by some competitors may leave behind.

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Aquakor professionals use hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, processes to clean carpets. Water softeners increase the effectiveness of the cleaning process and leave carpets softer than before, according to Azniv Petrosian.

“If you have any perfume or any residues that maybe the regular carpet cleaners won’t take out, our water softeners will remove it for sure,” she said.

Another way Aquakor increases the effectiveness of carpet cleaning is through the use of truck-mounted units as opposed to portable ones.

“You will get better results with these units,” Akoubian added. “The portable machines are not as strong as the truck-mounted units.”

If a carpet is heavily soiled or has any set-in stains, customers can expect Aquakor professionals to first pre-spray the affected areas with enzymes that dilute the soils and disintegrate the proteins in the stains before proceeding with regular rinsing and cleaning.

While it is recommended that homeowners have their carpets professionally cleaned at least twice a year, Akoubian and Petrosian said carpets can be better maintained between visits by using an indoor rake before vacuuming about once a week.

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