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If your travertine shower isn’t looking as clean it should be after using regular household cleaners, it’s probably time to have it professionally cleaned by a Santa Clarita home cleaning company like Aquakor.

“When you start to build that soap scum, it’s sort of a fats property if you will,” said Mark Calvillo of Stone Pro. “So a lot of people try and clean it with a household cleaner and it doesn’t work. It kind of repels it because the fat of the soap; that’s why soap scum is so difficult to remove.”

DIY homeowners who go as far as using acidic cleaners in an attempt to cut through soap scum are risking causing irreversible damage to the travertine itself.

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“The acid is going to take the polish off and cause some damage,” Calvillo said. “This is a natural stone, and you want to care for it properly.”

SCV homeowners should have their showers professionally cleaned about once a year, according to Krikor Akoubian of Aquakor.

When it comes to daily maintenance of travertine showers, Calvillo recommends cleaners that don’t leave residue behind.

“The cleaners we suggest do have some isopropyl alcohol and some other materials to help evaporate,” he said. “You want to clean and you don’t want to leave a residue behind, and that’s the biggest thing, so the proper cleaning products are going to help prolong the life of that.”

Removing excess water from shower walls with a squeegee can also be helpful.

“I do know someone who has a lot of success, believe it or not, they have a little squeegee,” Calvillo said. “They squeegee down the water, because travertine has some small holes in it, so … the water kind of sheets down but some of it creeps into some of the crevices. It can build up into bacteria, into mold, things like that.”

To prevent residue buildup, sealing your stone is also important in keeping water from “sticking” to the travertine.

“That is huge in promoting long-term happiness with it, because you’re not going to have all the buildup,” Calvillo said. “If (water) doesn’t stick to the travertine, it’s not going to be able to damage it.”

Also key is selecting the right sealer, Akoubian  added.

“There are some sealers on the market that basically doesn’t work, that you apply and doesn’t have the solids and doesn’t have the actual solutions in order to repel water stains and oil stains,” he said.

For more information about making your travertine shower shine like it’s brand new again, contact the professionals at Aquakor.

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