The most popular product so far in the year 2016 is vinyl plank flooring, according to Krikor Akoubian, owner of the Santa Clarita flooring company Aquakor.

The current No. 1 seller on the market is laminate, but vinyl planks are quickly replacing laminate in the top position for several reasons.

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“The market came out with this new vinyl material,” Akoubian said. “It’s not HTF, as in particle board, so it’s all synthetic, and it’s waterproof and (a) moisture barrier… If you get a deep scratch, you’re able to replace one piece or two pieces without replacing a big area, so vinyl planks are coming very strong on the market.”

The clicking system of vinyl planks works well over concrete– without any need for preparation –and can even go over ceramic tile, according to Akoubian.

“That’s the hottest material we have been selling right now,” he said.

Other popular types of flooring at the Santa Clarita flooring company’s 10,000-square-foot showroom is a porcelain tile that resembles the look of hardwood.

“(Customers) want something that is more functional (than hardwood),” Akoubian said. “They look real.”

Also available at Aquakor is carpet, hardwood and laminate flooring, in addition to crown moldings and base moldings.

“We have the best prices at the valley,” Akoubian said, adding that a financial special available starting in February is 18-month financing with no interest. “Take advantage of that.”

Aquakor is a Santa Clarita home cleaning company that offers a variety of professional surface cleaning and flooring installation services for SCV homes. Cleaning services include: countertop cleaning and polishing, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning and polishing, marble cleaning and polishing, stone cleaning, travertine cleaning, porcelain cleaning and hardwood cleaning. Flooring installation services include: laminate installation, hardwood installation and carpet installation.

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