The owner of the Santa Clarita home cleaning company Aquakor, Krikor Akoubian, recently sat down with KHTS AM-1220’s Kyle Jellings to discuss floor maintenance.

If you’re looking for floors that require the least maintenance, laminate and the recently popular vinyl plank flooring are the top choices, according to Akoubian.

Carpet should be vacuumed about two times a week, while hardwood floors and tile should be cleaned at least one time a week with a neutral PH solution.

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The most common– and functional –layout in SCV homes is hard surfaces is the living room, dining room and hallway with carpet from the staircase up.

“In my personal opinion it will be very functional that way,” Akoubian said. “Now if you want to enhance the house and make it a richer look, you can have hard surfaces like tile or hardwood floor in the living room, dining room, hallway area and staircase also, and you can leave the bedrooms with carpet.”

Some people may believe they can’t have carpet in their homes because of health conditions like asthma, but Akoubian clarified that this usually isn’t the case.

“The old carpet used to be the worst … because it used to be staple fiber,” he explained, noting that this kind of carpet was discontinued by all manufacturers about five years ago and replaced with BCL (bulked continuous filament) carpets. “It’s very healthy to have (BCL) carpet in bedrooms. It works as a filter.”

Carpets only require professional cleaning one to two times a year, depending on the level of traffic through the area.

Using machines from big box stores to deep-clean carpets yourself can damage your carpets and lead to the need for repairs by a professional.

“Those machines leave so much water on the carpet that it will delaminate the backing, and then I get to the house and see all those wrinkles because they basically destroyed the backing,” Akoubian said. “So we have to go and power stretch it.”

To extend the life of hardwood floors, a professional Santa Clarita home cleaning company like Aquakor can perform a process that involves lightly sanding the floor and applying a coat of aluminum oxide finish to enhance the floor for at least five years.

Deep refinishing and restoration, as well as standard cleaning and waxing, is also available through professionals like Aquakor.

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