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Though the most common countertop surfaces in SCV homes are granite and quartz, the cleaning and polishing process is basically the same for all countertop surfaces, according to Krikor Akoubian of the Santa Clarita home cleaning company Aquakor.

Akoubian recommends all countertops be professional cleaned at least once every three years for a few important reasons.

“A lot of people pass on that,” he said, recalling longtime floor cleaning customers that have never had their countertops done too. “You see the grout or you see the caulking around the sink… I can take my square knife and scrape the countertop, and I can take at least 1/16 of grease on top of the countertop.”

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Caulking left in poor condition can result in water entering the cavities between the backsplash and countertop, deteriorating cabinets over time. Dirty countertops can also lead to unsanitary conditions for handling and preparing food.

“You basically use the countertop three times a day,” Akoubian said. “You have to focus on a clean and healthy, safe environment for cooking and preparing food.”

Professionally steam-cleaning and polishing countertops can also increase the aesthetic and value of the home by leaving them looking brand new again, Akoubian added.

Aquakor can also repair countertop cracks or damage, replacing broken pieces or gluing them back into place so they are virtually unnoticeable.

“We specialize in repairs,” Akoubian said. “As soon as you see a little crack, (even) a hairline, don’t even think twice because that can grow. You can call us and I can just go in and repair that area.”

Aquakor is a Santa Clarita home cleaning company that offers a variety of professional cleaning and flooring installation services for SCV homes. Cleaning services include: countertop cleaning and polishing, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning and polishing, marble cleaning and polishing, stone cleaning, travertine cleaning, porcelain cleaning and hardwood cleaning. Flooring installation services include: laminate installation, hardwood installation and carpet installation. For more on Aquakor, go to

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