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Santa Clarita home cleaning company Aquakor’s professional cleaners are discussing tile cleaning and polishing in SCV homes.

Travertine is the leading type of both indoor and outdoor tile in the SCV, and requires a unique cleaning process in comparison to ceramic tile, according to Krikor Akoubian of Aquakor.

“We use all-system steam cleaning, so we don’t mess around,” Akoubian said. “We have a steam cleaning with a vacuum at the same time, so we’ll be able to remove all the grease, germs and dirt from the tile.”

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The system removes residue from tile using 180 degrees of water, and can leave a honed or polished finish depending on the homeowner’s taste.

“That’s the advantage between stone and porcelain,” Akoubian said. “On the stone, you can have a different type of look. You can change the look. With porcelain, there is no way to change the look because there’s a picture on top of the tile.”

The less common but still present ceramic tile requires a different process, and Akoubian stressed the importance of following the right steps, unlike some of his competitors.

“A lot of people, they promote tile and grout cleaning,” Akoubian said. “I’ve seen it. They just go clean your tile and basically apply the sealer on the same day. There’s no way to apply sealer on the same day.”

This is because moisture remains on the grout immediately following cleaning, making the sealer useless. For the sealer to be effective, it needs to be applied after all moisture has evaporated, according to Akoubian.

“My competitors, they want to do it fast and quick because they have the next job tomorrow and they don’t care about the sealing,” he said. “It’s not going to be doing the work… I will come back the next day when basically the grout is totally dry. So by the time I apply the sealer, it’s going to absorb and it will stay. That’s one of the advantages of my system.”

Akoubian also noted the importance of using solvent-based sealers for increased effectiveness.

“Water-based sealer doesn’t work, to be honest,” he said. “The only type of sealer that works for oil and water spills (is) solvent-based sealer.”

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