By Melissa Lampert, KHTS Staff Writer

Kyle Jellings of KHTS AM-1220 recently sat down with Krikor Akoubian of Aquakor and Mark Calvillo of Stone Pro to discuss travertine countertop cleaning and polishing.

An increasing number of SCV homeowners are choosing travertine for their kitchen and bathroom countertops because it’s affordable, goes with most furniture and color schemes and can easily fit different sized areas.

“It’s very unique– different shades of brown and tans, but it has a lot of movement, which really looks cool,” Calvillo said. “It has a lot of character.”

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However, travertine is more common in bathrooms rather than kitchens, with homeowners typically contrasting the look of a high polish countertop with a satin finish in the shower, Calvillo added.

Water buildup is the most common type of damage in travertine countertops, which can lead to dull spots that are easily fixable with the help of professionals like Akoubian and the Aquakor staff.

“If you have a dull spot, it could be an etch, it could be damage,” Calvillo explained, “and that’s where the professionals come in and you can restore it and bring it back to perfect.”

Aquakor staff use high-standard, professional grade products by Stone Pro, and offer residential grade products by Stone Pro for purchase by homeowners looking to maintain their countertops between professional cleanings.

“We’re all consumers, so we can appreciate a little bit of help with prolonging the life of anything– your car, your clothes, your countertops,” Calvillo said, “because it’s a big part of your kitchen or your shower. You picked it out for a reason, so we want to help prolong that. We want it to look beautiful. As long as you have that stone in that house, we want it to look great.”

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