Vinyl plank flooring is becoming more popular in SCV homes, according to Krikor Akoubian, owner of the Santa Clarita flooring company Aquakor.

Although carpet and laminate are still the most popular, vinyl planks are becoming an increasingly more popular choice among homeowners for a few reasons.

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“If you get a deep scratch, you’re able to replace one piece or two pieces without replacing  a big area, so vinyl planks are coming very strong on the market,” Akoubian said. “Some of the vinyl planks are replacing also laminate flooring, because they’re coming as a clicking system and they look as real as hardwood floors.”

Most customers ask Akoubian which flooring is the most damage-resistant because they have pets or children.

Laminate flooring, which has an aluminum finish, and vinyl planks are the most scratch and dent resistant.

“(Vinyl planks are) easy clean, easy maintenance,” Akoubian said. “Basically, it’s just spray some neutral solutions and sweep and that’s it.”

Updating flooring is one of the most important things for homeowners looking to sell their houses, according to Akoubian.

“As a buyer, you always look at the kitchen, floors and bathroom,” he said. “The most important is the floor.”

However, updating flooring can refresh the environment, enhance the cleanliness of the home and give the house an overall cleaner look even if the homeowner isn’t planning on selling.

Aquakor is a Santa Clarita home cleaning company that offers a variety of professional surface cleaning and flooring installation services for SCV homes. Cleaning services include: countertop cleaning and polishing, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning and polishing, marble cleaning and polishing, stone cleaning, travertine cleaning, porcelain cleaning and hardwood cleaning. Flooring installation services include: laminate installation, hardwood installation and carpet installation.

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