Knowing when to restore versus replace flooring can be tricky, so Krikor Akoubian of Aquakor and Mark Calvillo of Stone Pro are discussing when to do which in Santa Clarita homes.

Some homeowners may assume they’re simply stuck with dinginess or scratches in their stone floors unless they decide to invest in replacing it, but that’s often not the case, according to Calvillo.

“That’s the beautiful thing about the stone, is that you can bring it back to perfect,” he said. “You can increase the polish, the reflectivity, bring color back– so never be discouraged if you see something you don’t like… You can bring it right back to perfect with a few easy steps.”

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Aquakor staff can help make floors look brand new again through regular maintenance, which involves cleaning and polishing, or full restoration, which involves cleaning, buffing out scratches and etching and polishing the tile to the customer’s desired level.

One SCV homeowner in the process of selling his home thought he would need to pay to replace his travertine floors due to deep scratches caused by metal chairs, but thanks to Aquakor staff, it wasn’t necessary.

“He was concerned about the deep scratches in that area, and I told him, you know what, there’s no reason to replace those tiles,” Akoubian said. “”We can basically clean it, remove the scratches from buffing it… We removed the scratches, I would say, 99 percent back to normal.”

Although some damage to flooring may make replacement necessary, Aquakor’s flooring restoration services can help eliminate the need.

“Replacement is more costly a lot of times,” Calvillo said. “People put the floor down because they love it, they have the furniture, the kitchen built around the color, they chose it for a reason. So yes, you can restore it in place of replacing it… That’s an option that they have.”

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