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Santa Clarita Home Cleaning Company Aquakor Discusses Floor Maintenance

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Floor Repair by Aquakor in Santa Clarita

The owner of the Santa Clarita home cleaning company Aquakor, Krikor Akoubian, recently sat down with KHTS AM-1220’s Kyle Jellings to discuss floor maintenance. If you’re looking for floors that require the least maintenance, laminate and the recently popular vinyl plank flooring are the top choices, according to Akoubian. Carpet should be vacuumed about two […]

TV Show, “How Clean Is Your House?” Features Aquakor

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Aquakor TV Show How Clean Is Your Home?

On the popular show How Clean is Your House?, each episode featured Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie, two expert cleaners, would meet residents of a home that needed serious cleaning. The women would look for possible problem areas and later meet the residents once again before the cleaning commenced. During the cleaning process, Woodburn and MacKenzie […]

Prolonging the Beauty of Home Surfaces with Tile, Stone Cleaning and Restoration

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Keep Your Travertine Shower Shining Like New With Aquakor

How can homeowners prolong the life and beauty of their tile or stone surfaces, and what is the difference between tile and stone cleaning and restoration? The first step is to prevent residue buildup that can leave kitchen and bathroom countertops and showers looking dull or dirty by selecting the right home cleaners, according to […]

When To Restore Versus Replace Flooring With Aquakor

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Home Cleaning, Flooring Installation Company AQUAKOR

Knowing when to restore versus replace flooring can be tricky, so Krikor Akoubian of Aquakor and Mark Calvillo of Stone Pro are discussing when to do which in Santa Clarita homes. Some homeowners may assume they’re simply stuck with dinginess or scratches in their stone floors unless they decide to invest in replacing it, but […]